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Simple GDPR documentation

It can seem quite daunting, trying to understand which documents are required as part of the GDPR. Part of the ongoing mission here at Gydeline is to make things as simple as possible. The assessment below will only take a couple of minutes to complete but will give you an

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Compliance Simplified DPIA Template

Simple DPIA Template

Why do I need a DPIA template? There are many Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) tools available; a quick online search will reveal many of these, but do they lead you to a simple DPIA template? Some say they are free, some are even, actually, free.  However, many templates are

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Do you know what personal data you process and where it is?

Simple Data Mapping

Isn’t Data Mapping complicated? Well, the simple and unfortunately vague answer is, it depends.  A full scale detailed data mapping exercise takes considerable effort and expertise. Many organisations will want to consult IT and legal specialists in order to complete the exercise. Why do I need Data Mapping?

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