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Reflect, Imitate and Experience

Lessons on assets from a Spa Day Experience

My wife and I were gifted a spa day experience on our last anniversary.  Due to being busy with work and recently moving house we had delayed taking up the opportunity until the voucher had less than a month to go of its 12 month life span. The venue was

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Sherbot Holmes and the Game of Security

Not many people will know this about me (Dr Botson being the exception), but I occasionally like to dabble in the odd computer game – those escape room ones are a particular favourite! I was concerned to hear that some of my personal details might have been exposed by a

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A 21st century problem…

A 21st century solution to a 21st century problem”.  This is the description given to a major overhaul of personal data protection at an industry conference. The use of our personal data is still a very grey area for many internet users. Recently, someone provided their contact details while researching

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