Insight on . . .Cyber Essentials

Good basic technical security is a must for all organisations, and Cyber Essentials could help focus of the important things. Achieving this though can be tricky, especially in the fast changing cyber landscape in which we all now exist. So what are your options? For larger organisations or those with

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Our GDPR Journey #13 – Technical Measures

The GDPR is vague on which technical measures are needed. In this video we try to give some guidance on how to approach implementing technical security and some straightforward ideas which we hope will be of use to those who might be less technical. As part of all Gydeline subscriptions

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Appropriate Security

Context: One of the key ways that personal data can be protected and which is outlined within the GDPR is security measures. What the GDPR is not clear on is which specific measures should be implemented. 0

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