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The 5 Greatest Enemies of Policy

A cornerstone of good compliance is having credible policies in place.  Policies in which everyone in your organisation believes and understands. The reality, however, is that most policies are not fit for purpose. Many do not meet the needs of employees, the organisation or regulators.  So, what are the enemies

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Compliance should be an Olympic Event

With the Winter Olympics in full swing I’ve been watching people doing ridiculous feats and speeds on ice and snow; it can all appear to be very risky.  There have been a number of injuries but nothing serious, but the worst accidents tend to be during practice for the competitions.  For example, Shaun White, the winner of the Men’s

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The wind doesn't have to drive your direction

Adjusting your sails to the winds of change

It’s no secret, humans have no influence of the powers of nature.  How many times have we watched as extremes of wind and water devastate a region.  However, when severe weather is not taking its toll, it’s very possible for us to utilise these natural forces to assist in our

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Gydeline Registered Trademark

Taking the Hassle Out of Compliance

Assessing and monitoring your compliance with regulations and standards doesn’t have to be a burden If you were to read every single rule or regulation demanded upon a business, it would not only take an incredibly long time but would also leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed and confused. Internationally, there

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Compliance should be in an organisations culture

Compliance… It’s a cultural thing

Too often, leaders attempt to change the way people act without changing the way they think (i.e., their beliefs). As a result, they get compliance, but not commitment; involvement, but not investment; and progress, but not lasting performance.  Thats not a compliance culture.

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Build your organisation on compliance, don't lay it on top as it will just be a burden, not a support

Being compliant should be foundational not a facade

Keeping in line with regulations and standards does tend to be an afterthought for many, if not most, organisations.  It is felt by many that focusing on being compliant stifles innovation and growth.  However, is that a reasonable approach to starting and running with an idea? “If you have built

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