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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 6

BSS6 – I Have A Dream

Reading Time: 12 mins Getting into the premises is proving… expensive and difficult. Some bad decisions has Jakob bailing out Zelda again. In response, Russell speaks to Dave Moore in the Enterprise Space for Advanced Manufacturing, in Cornwall.

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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 5

BSS5 – Knowing Me, Knowing You

Reading Time: 12 mins It’s easy to be relaxed about privacy in business dealings in this supposedly transparent and open world. Should Jakob and Zelda be worried about Zelda’s dad knowing the inner workings of Sydeline? How important is confidentiality in business?

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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 4

BSS4 – Money, Money, Money

Reading Time: 16 mins Investor Jakob wants to help, and has the money… but what will he get in return? Then there is the financial planning – who are you going to call?

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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 3

BSS3 – Thank You For The Music

Reading Time: 12 mins Having selected and shared her new company name, an overlap with another business forces Zelda to make some changes. Some of the practicalities of set up a new venture start to emerge.

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RESPECT is good for business

Stuff Compliance! Let’s show RESPECT

Reading Time: 2 mins ‘Compliance’ is not a pleasant word It has been a long time irritation that my profession of choice has very few usable synonyms.  Compliance is not a pleasant word, really.  It can be seen as conformity, acquiescence, docility, obedience, resignation and submissiveness.  None of these adequately represent what compliance means in modern business. In

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