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Our GDPR Journey #16 – Training

Having well informed employees and stakeholders is a key part of establishing a culture of compliance within your organisation. Here we discuss training, not just of the GDPR but of the things that individuals need to do on a daily basis to ensure that personal data is treated properly. Doing

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ICO GDPR awareness campaign is good news

It’s been a long time coming, but with a little over two months until the GDPR becomes enforceable, it’s good to see that the Information Commissioners Office has finally taken action to raise awareness. Aimed primarily at small and micro businesses, the ICO has released a series of images and

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Involvement is the best route to embed learning

Simple GDPR Awareness

Take a simple first step to GDPR awareness Tell someone about GDPR… Go on… Do it… Now!  That is an important first step in beginning to create GDPR awareness. If you are interested in how the General Data Protection Regulation affects you personally, you may be interested in our article Why should you

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Too many Micro, Small and Medium-size organisations are not aware of GDPR (March 2017)

1 million SMEs still unaware of GDPR

A recent report from Collyer Bristow*, one of Londons leading law firms, found that 55% of organisations with over 250 staff are unaware of GDPR. Based on the 2017 company figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) there are 2.69 million PAYE and VAT registered business in the UK. 

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Simple GDPR Overview

There are many, many GDPR overview pieces available online . . . . here’s ours. We have aimed to make this as clear and straightforwards as possible. We have tried not to use jargon and to explain things in a way that makes sense for small and medium sized business

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