Have fun whilst learning and doing

We like to enjoy ourselves at Gydeline. Striving to make a difference and improve yourself and your organisation should be fun. We hope that you enjoy our range of entertainment and find it useful as well.



Green Elephant Show

We take a light-hearted look at serious sustainability topics and issues with a view to inspiring action by individuals and businesses. We talk to inspiring leaders in sustainable organisations and hopefully provide some inspiration for listeners to make their own business more sustainable.

Blue Sky Stinking

Follow the trials and tribulations of Sydeline – an organisation with the best of intentions but not always the best ideas. . . .


We publish a range of videos including how to guides to help organisations become better businesses. See our Youtube channel for more.


We are part former professional musician and pop-star at heart. We like to induldge our musical appetites and apply this to business scenarios on occaision. . . .


Sometimes it’s just about the fun. Regular listeners to our podcast will have played along with Fact or Fake and Play Your Carbon Right. Make sure to follow our social to join in and be a guest on the show.