Compliance for Large Organisations

Monthly compliance software and service subscription for large organisations with more than 250 staff.

£950.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

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Benefits of subscribing

  • Simple to use
  • Save money
  • Expand your appeal
  • Low risk
  • Stay Current
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Get started in minutes
  • Plain english explanations and instructions
  • Clear straight forward actions
  • Always available support
  • Low monthly cost
  • A fraction of advisor hourly rates
  • Avoid regulatory fines
  • Only request specific outputs from advisors
  • Spend less of your valuable time dealing with compliance
  • Attract more customers
  • Demonstrate good practice to suppliers
  • Meet industry body standards
  • Show stakeholders that you do business the right way
  • Gain the edge on your competition
  • Cover all the basics
  • Try for free
  • Prove to regulators that you have taken action and have a plan
  • No onerous resource or learning requirements
  • No large financial commitment
  • Save time - focus on your business not compliance
  • Quickly understand what is required
  • Let the software keep you up to date with changes
  • Know what you need to do and what to do next
  • Access team of experts who's knowledge is current

What others are saying

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
Deputy Town Clerk
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Compliance can be very daunting for small organisations such as Town and Parish Councils and Gydeline has helped us to work our way through the minefield to be well on the way to being fully compliant.
Simon Caddy
Simon Caddy
Operations Director
Read More
Logged in and started working through it, it is awesome and going to make my job so much easier
Lauren Mistry
Lauren Mistry
Operations Manager
Read More
The website and tools are easy to use and set out what you need to achieve in a clear way. This is certainly the most user-friendly tool I have seen!

What is it?

The Gydeline compliance software enables organisations to assess, address, manage and maintain their compliance from a single easy to understand dashboard. Underpinning the software are support and services from Gydeline experts to help you through the process of documenting and completing your compliance.

Why you should use it

Traditionally businesses have relied on specialist advisors and small internal teams to help with specific areas of compliance. This has been an expensive, resource intensive and uncertain route to compliance. How do you know the advisor and team are doing the right things? How do you know they have covered every regulation that applies to you?

It’s not the most effective use of staff, a distraction from running your business and serving your customers. . .

Here’s where a Gydeline subscription becomes invaluable. For less than an hour of advisors time per month, Gydeline will provide your organisation with a comprehensive foundation to getting compliant. Here’s what we do:

  • Understand your situation with a simple, dynamic assessment tailored to your circumstances
  • Provide the specific actions that your organisation needs to take
  • Support you every step of the way
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and updates via a simple to understand dashboard

We provide specialist support to your internal resource and best of all, there’s no risk to your business, you can try it absolutely free for 14 days.

What do you get?

  • Software to assess your organisation for over 170 compliances
  • Clear, understandable compliance actions
  • Compliance database – see what applies to your organisation
  • Ability to display “Accredited by Gydeline” badge
  • Library of templated policies, process, guides etc
  • Detailed review and feedback on 10 of your internal documents every month
  • Production of 3 bespoke documents for your business every month
  • 4 hours of dedicated 1-1 advice every month
  • Online team space to manage and collaborate on your compliance activities
  • Membership of closed, compliance discussion group.
  • Downloadable booklets and materials
  • 20 printed data protection booklets
  • Access to risk and document management courses
  • Price fixed for life of subscription
  • Free access to all future compliances
  • 10% discount on advisory services
  • Membership of Gydeline+
  • Free access to all future software, course, database and assessment updates
  • Free access to all future documents, templates and downloadable materials

For more information on the comprehensive list of compliance covered see our list of basic business compliances.

Pricing Information

All prices are quoted excluding VAT:
Monthly (12 month contract): £950 per month

Get Accredited

Demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, partners and regulators that yours is an organisation that takes compliance seriously by displaying the “Accredited by Gydeline” badge.

Accredited by Gydeline - 1 star
Accredited by Gydeline - 2 stars
Accredited by Gydeline - 3 stars

The accreditation process starts simply and is based on your assessment. Higher levels of accreditation are evidence based and prove that you have taken the steps required to meet regulations and also demonstrate best practice. 

Accredited by Gydeline - 5 stars
Accredited by Gydeline - 4 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Every subscription covers a range of services from software to support, templates to advice and collateral. For a full list of included features please see our detailed pricing
As part of the basic assessment there are over 170 different regulations, standards and best practices covered. A sample list of these is here and is growing all the time. Our customers are also able to request additional regulations and get support for their specific needs.

Yes. It provides full access to the Gydeline software.

The 14 day free trial includes all the software components of the full version. Templates, Booklets and additional support are provided once you become a subscriber.

Within your subscription level you can encourage everyone in your organisation to use Gydeline without worrying about additional costs. Simply add them via your my account page or upgrade as your organisation grows.
We want Gydeline to be the service that everyone in your organisation uses to track compliance. Our pricing is therefore based on the size of your organisation rather than user numbers. The prices displayed are for your size of organisation and within these levels you can add as many users as you like free of charge.

The monthly subscription you pay when signing up to Gydeline is fixed for the entire term of that subscription. This could last many years if you maintain a continuous subscription.

Of course! Simply go to the Subscriptions area of your account and choose the upgrade option.