Gyding Hand Starter Pack – Data Protection


A basic package of services to just get you going.  A fixed price with clear deliverables to get you on the road to data protection compliance.

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Our Gyding hand services will cover all the elements required for data protection compliance, complete the basics and arm you with a plan to complete the rest. It is ideally suited to those customers who want to try and complete most of the work themselves but are unsure of how or where to get started.

In broad terms the starter pack covers the following:

Initial Assessment – A complete day of dedicated, specialist advisory support to get you started on your GDPR journey. This would include support in completing the Gydeline assessment tool and completing a more detailed gap analysis of the current compliance status of your business
Awareness & Training – Training is a mandatory requirement of GDPR and we would provide a bespoke half day of training for key people within your organisation
GDPR Project Plan – We will work with you to produce a plan for your organisation to become GDPR compliant. We will bring ideas and best practice and merge this with the specific needs and circumstances of your organisation
Data Protection Impact Assessment – Provision of process and templates to show you how to complete your impact analysis. In addition we will spend half a day completing an initial DPIA(s) with you
Supplier/Contract Review – Half day review of of existing relationships and any personal data impacts. Review of contracts to ascertain if required GDPR elements are present
Templates – Provision of a set of standard templates and processes to get you started on the GDPR journey

All customers that take the Gyding Hand starter pack also get our data protection templates and guidance pack and data protection employee awareness booklets included as part of the price