Data Protection Officer Service

£975.00 / month

The Gydeline Data Protection Officer oversees all the activities needed for your organisation needed to become compliant with Data Protection laws.

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For many organisations a DPO is a mandatory requirement. If you do not have the skill or capacity to deliver this yourself a Gydeline DPO can be an effective solution. The Gydeline DPO will:

  • Assist in completion of the Gydeline GDPR assessment and resulting action identification
  • Provide ongoing advice and guidance on all Data Protection issues
  • Own the GDPR plan for your organisation
  • Train and mentor employees
  • Complete internal audit on systems and processes
  • Be the interface to the regulatory body (ICO)
  • Setup and run breach management
  • Assist with data requests from individuals
  • Establish the Data Protection Impact Assessment process
  • Monitor compliance with GDPR and other Data Protection regulations on an ongoing basis
  • Review and create key Data Protection documentation
  • Report compliance status on a monthly basis to the Board or equivalent
  • Review existing policy and process documentation
A subscription to one of the Gydeline GDPR software packages is a pre-requisite to taking the DPO service.