Data Protection Employee Awareness Booklet (10 copies)


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Our data protection awareness booklet is an ideal way for organisations to ensure that employees are briefed and understand their responsibilities relating to data protection laws and the GDPR. It is simple, to the point and covers all the basic requirements in an easy to understand way. As part of your awareness activities these pocket sized booklets can be handed out to all employees as a handy reference point.

Laws within the UK and Europe now require most organisations to ensure that their employees are aware of data protection legislation and requirements. Completing awareness training for everyone in your organisation is considered to be one of the organisational measures required under the regulations.

The booklet focuses on what employees need to know and what they need to do. It covers basic terms and concepts, a timeline of data protection, how employees can keep data safe, risks and rights of individuals.

Ideally this booklet should be given to staff as part of regular training activities. It it also recommended to include a copy in induction packs for new starters with your organisation. You might also consider using it when major changes occur or with your wider stakeholder community.



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