Physical is an Organisational Keystone

“Let’s get Physical” Not like that! Think about tangible elements of your business

The Physical Keystone will vary wildly for different organisations.  It is possible to run an organisation on very few Physical Keystone elements, but that is rarely the case.  What elements does the Physical Keystone include?

Sometimes, Physical Keystone elements can be referred to as Fixed assets, which is an accounting term.  This Keystone encompasses far more than just those pieces of equipment or property which has significant financial value.  All the smaller devices, furniture, wiring and stock also need some attention and care.  Organisations can spend to much time focusing on the larger physical Keystone elements and forget the mass of equipment which is key in delivering the day to day activities and enabling the People.

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Physical includes the following elements:

  • Technology – Computers, printers, servers, networks, digital equipment
  • Furniture – Desks, storage, personal comfort equipment
  • Property – Land, buildings
  • Premises – Offices, factories, warehouses, shops, accommodation
  • Fittings – Lighting, alarms, fixings, cabling, HVAC
  • Stock – Materials, products, goods, merchandise
  • Plant – Machinery, vehicles, personal protective equipment


All Physical Keystone elements are purchased or hired with Money.  The exception to that would be charitable donation.


People use the Physical Keystone.  Whether it acts as accommodation or provides the equipment necessary to undertake organisational functions, it is primarily used by People.  Contacts benefit from the Physical Keystone elements through purchasing them or using the facilities they support.


The organisational functions of Equipment, Facilities and Systems manage the Physical Keystone.  Information about the Physical Keystone elements and their features are kept and Money is required to pay for repair, maintenance and upkeep.


Physical Keystone elements can be sold, if owned.  They may also be rented or leased, which may be terminated in line with a contract.  Proper disposal may require a replacement element or a change in requirements of the organisation means the element is redundant.  Information may be kept on disposed Physical Keystone elements in line with the organisations retention policy.

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