Defining the Services function

COMING SOON… Defining the Services function

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What is []?

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Common Activities

There is a range of activities usually undertaken to manage [], including :

  • Activity #1
  • Activity #2

Primary Acts and Regulations

Here’s a list of the major pieces to illustrate the size and complexity of the [] function:

  • Reg #1
  • Reg #2

Available Standards

As with many management functions, there are a number of general standards which could be applied to HR, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management.  There are, however,  a number of British and international standards aimed at the [] function:

  • Standard #1
  • Standard #2

Authoritative Guidance

Valuable Skills

The skills required by those involved in [] can be broken down into 3 areas:

Individual Skills

  • Analytical – Analysing problems and challenges with perceptiveness, insight developing innovative thinking.
  • Technological – Making use of various technologies to best advantage and spotting the possibilities in emerging technologies.
  • Researching – Collecting and using data effectively and  integrating that learning into the organisation
  • Quantitative – Working with statistics, metrics and other data to interpret and predictive good courses of action.
  • Legal-minded – Viewing situations from a legal perspective and drawing out the applicable points.  Maintaining a good understanding of relevant laws and then making sound judgments based on good legal advice.

Team Skills

  • Emotional intelligence -Understanding the emotional state of yourself and others and making effective use of this information to influence behaviours. 
  • Project management – Planning, delivering and controlling HR projects 
  • Decision-making – Making decisions in a timely and well-informed manner
  • Business Conscious – Understanding the  way the business works and how HR can affect its performance and success
  • Independent – Keeping to the standards of the HR professional body, all workplace regulations and applicable standards.

Organisational Skills

  • Ethical and professional – Acting with honesty, integrity, self-confidence and empathy.  Dealing with any conflicts of interest and the need to protect the public. 
  • Relationship management – Building a useful network to promote organisational growth and then establishing productive working relationships.
  • Influencing – Discovering solutions that balance the interests of all parties and communicating persuasively 
  • Leadership – Build and lead successful teams whilst demonstrating competence in policy setting, planning, collaboration, process and procedural design, using feedback, and managing conflict.
  • Unifying – Integrating the wide range of HR techniques and practices into the organisation and proving its value.

Service Providers


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