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All organisations have something in common; what they create, collect and utilise.  There are 7 of them and they are your Keystones – and you need to keep them safe.  How?

Showing the Gydeline Method

What is a Keystone?

One dictionary definition of the word “Keystone” states:

something that is very important to a plan, arrangement, or set of beliefs

Every organisation has Keystones, regardless of whether they are a charity, public body or private business. In fact, they all have the same Keystones, they just use them in different ways. 

Our method helping organisations centres around identifying, understanding and prioritising the seven keystones that are common to all. 

The 7 Keystones are shown in this diagram:

The 7 Organisational Keystones

An arch normally has one Keystone, top centre. However, these 7 Keystones form a perfect circle. A circle is inherently strong, resisting pressure from any direction. Every organisation should be striving to position and maintain all their Keystones to remain strong, viable and resistant to the ever growing pressures.

Each organisation uses all of these Keystones but to varying degrees. Appreciating what is important to an organisation is a key step in our process to delivering tailored assistance, focusing on specific priorities for the organisation from the start.

The Full Picture

At the centre of these Keystones sits an organisation’s Values. An organisation may have these documented and publicised or their Values may be perceivable in the way they work. Every organisation has Values it stands by and it uses elements of the Keystones, pictured below each Keystone, to protect and honour its Values. 

We help organisations identify, clarify and protect their Values.

Protecting an organisation’s Values and Keystones requires utilising a range of Functions which are shown as a protective circle surrounding the Keystones.  

These 17 Functions use elements of the Keystones to affect one or more elements.

Whatever a growing organisation is seeking to achieve, it is very likely to use all of these functions – whether it likes to or not. Larger organisations end up creating skilled teams to focus on one or more of these Functions. People in micro organisations will recognise the array of things that their multi-skilled team members have to cover. We help organisations recognise, establish, simplify and organise these functions in line with their Keystone priorities.

So, which of these Keystones should be getting you’re focus?  You can find our with our free priority calculator.

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