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Data Access vs Data Portability1 min read


In order to further promote transparency and clarity the information which individuals can receive should be clearly explained. The Article 29 Working Party (European Data Protection Board) recommends in particular that the difference between the types of data that an individual can receive using the portability right or the access right be explained.


Think about how most clearly to display these differences. Placing both outputs in your privacy notice will help but be careful to place them in context such that the difference/comparison can be made.

How to:

Clearly describe the information that can be received via the right of access and the right of portability:

Right of Access

Right of Portability


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  1. Some example formats might help. I suspect what will happen with most data hoarders is they will print out a spreadsheet extract of the data (CSV or text) then zip the file up with a password.

    1. That’s a good point Mel and I suspect you are correct on the most common approach. We see a lot of companies and each has a myriad of different systems so I can understand why example formats have not been provided by the regulators.


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