Information Society Services

A service as defined in point (b) of Article 1(1) of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 of the European Parliament and of the Council (19)

Source: GDPR Article 4 (25)

Any service normally provided for remuneration, at a distance, by electronic means and at the individual request of a recipient of services. For the purposes of this definition: (i) ‘at a distance’ means that the service is provided without the parties being simultaneously present; (ii) ‘by electronic means’ means that the service is sent initially and received at its destination by means of electronic equipment for the processing (including digital compression) and storage of data, and entirely transmitted, conveyed and received by wire, by radio, by optical means or by other electromagnetic means (iii) ‘at the individual request of a recipient of services’ means that the service is provided through the transmission of data on individual request. An indicative list of services not covered by this definition is set out in Annex I;

Source: Directive (EU) 2015/1535 "laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical regulations and of rules on Information Society services (codification)" Article 1(1)(b)
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