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Questions about using the software

During the 7 days free trial we provide you with the same access to the software and support that you would get as a paying customer – see what is included here.  If your selected plan includes dedicated advice time or documentation services, these would start after the free trial.  We usually despatch the booklets to you 14 days after your trial started.

We have designed our tool to be easy to use by all, ‘Simplified Compliance for All’ is our goal. Each section of the assessment comes with help to explain how and why you might need to think about an area of compliance. Once you have completed an assessment the actions are written to guide you through what needs to be done. If in doubt, you can always make a support request (subscribers only) for clarification and even some additional assistance, if required.

We have referenced over 200 regulations, standards and best practice guidance to extract the basic compliance requirements for organisations.  You can find links to these here.  Obviously, there are constant additions and amendments to the compliance landscape, so we keep on top of that for you.  However, if you think there is a regulation or standard which you believe we should include, we’re always open for ways to improve our service; Tell us about it on our support page.

Yes.  You can come in and out of the assessments and pick up where you left it. There is a ‘Save & Next’ button on every section of the assessment.  Once you have pressed that for the current section, then you can exit the assessment and come back later.  Also, if you move back a section in an assessment by using the ‘Previous’ at the bottom of the form, your progress will be saved.  What you don’t want to is close your browser tab without doing one of those actions.

The dashboard updates each time you change and save a section of the assessment or complete an action. It also updates when there are changes to regulations such as new guidance or we discover additional actions you may need to consider.

Your dashboard can only be seen by those users added to the team by the Owner.  If we are working together with you, we can gain access to your assessment answers and dashboard, but we would always ask for your permission first.

We already cover a broad range of over 200 regulations and standards (see ‘What regulations and standards are included?‘). However, if there is something you believe should be included in the assessment we would be delighted to hear your suggestions. Please contact us to let us know.

The person in your organisation who purchased the subscription (the ‘owner’) can invite users to join your team. Each user will need to have an email address so that they can receive the invite and successfully join the subscription.  The owner can transfer this responsibility to an invited user should the need arise.

You can get help with using Gydeline, Managing your account or becoming compliant in a number of ways. We offer support requests, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and our ever-growing stable of Brand Partners. We do offer additional services to help you fill any resource shortfalls you may find.

All members of your team can participate in completing the assessments. The facility to allocate a specific question, or part of an assessment, to a team member, is not currently available.

The Gydeline software uses the same infrastructure as used by national governments and banks. We have implemented a range of security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.  We have also implemented additional levels of authentication, where sensitive data is used, to verify the identity of users. More information about how we manage security can be found here.

We are a UK-based company and generally provide support Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 (GMT/BST), excluding UK bank holidays.  As a subscriber, you can log a support ticket whenever you need to by going to our support page. We aim to respond to all requests within 1 Working Day.

Questions about buying the software

You can find a detailed list of what is included in each of the plans we offer here. In general terms, you get access to all assessments which cover over 200 sources of regulation, guidance and standards.  We provide online support to all the users you choose to add yo your subscription.  We also maintain all the actions and assessments to reflect changes in the law and guidance, keeping you notified of areas where you will need to consider the amendments.  Contact if you would like a demo.

Our compliance software pricing is based on the size of your business. For ease, the business size is defined by the number of people working in it.  This would include directors, partners, employees and anyone else which could be considered a worker.  If you are in doubt as to which size you are, please contact us and we can give you some guidance.

As long as you stay subscribed to our service we will not increase the cost to you.  However, the price of service will increase for new customers, over time, but once you’re subscribed, we commit to freezing that price, forever.

Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions last for 1 year and are paid for in 12 monthly instalments.

Within our compliance software, you can encourage everyone in your organisation to use Gydeline without worrying about additional costs.  You may even invite trusted partners, like an accountant, to participate.  The only limit is based on the number of people working in your organisation, which is defined in your plan.  See the different sizes here

We will automatically collect payment from you at the time you take out a subscription or buy a product or service.  An invoice is raised at that point which is due immediately.

Payment is accepted in British Pounds and any translation/exchange is handled by our payment partner.

We currently accept payment by a payment card, debit or credit, only. In order to access a free trial, you need to have provided payment details. Once our payment provider has confirmed the validity of your payment card details you should gain instant access to the software. If you would like to discuss paying by scheduled bank transfers or direct debit please get in touch.

All of your invoices are available to download, at any time, via your Account Portal. You will also receive an email notification when a new invoice is ready to view.

In order to gain access to your Gydeline compliance dashboard, you need to have an active subscription. When you cancel your subscription you will no longer be able to access the Gydeline compliance system, once the current paid subscription period ends. If you wish to restart a new subscription it may be possible to restore your previous details but this may not always be possible due to our retention policies. Your continuous subscription will also end which means you will not be protected from any price rises. If you have signed up to an annual commitment, payments will continue to be requested until you have that obligation.  You have 14 days from starting a subscription, including the free trial, to cancel with no obligation.

We do not offer specific discounts for these types of organisations. We do have plans to offer a scheme whereby community organisations are able to get a free subscription in liaison with our partner organisations.  If you would like to discuss this, please contact us.