Due Diligence Support

Are you starting to work with new supplier?  Has one of your partners requested detailed information on your compliance?  We support businesses through the process of proving that contracts contain everything they need.

Understanding the steps you need to follow
Understand the steps you need to follow

What is it?

When you enter a contract with a customer or another business, you are accepting a number of responsibilities that will be expected of you and that you expect in return.  Due diligence is an activity which checks contracts, at the start and throughout their term, to ensure that the other party is doing what they said they would.  

It is becoming increasingly common for organisations to check compliance with their contracts.  You should be checking that organisations which provide you with services are fulfilling their side of the deal as their activities can directly affect your compliance and you can be held responsible.  

What output can you expect?

With 100’s of years experience in getting the best out of contracts and proving that you’re doing what you’ve promised to do, Gydeline helps organisations to prepare for and deliver ‘due diligence’ checks on contracts and to complete any assessments requesting information.  There are broadly three occasions due diligence is undertaken and we can help with:

Letting a new contract

You wish to engage, or re-engage, an organisation to deliver services to your organisation.    It’s good to enter that relationship confident that they, are doing, or can do, what you need from them without determientally impacting your business.

  • What would be good for you to know before signing that contract?
  • What regular checks should be included in contract reviews?

Responding to a review request

An organisation or customer to whom you provide services may request information and request evidence that you are doing what you should and what you said you’d do.  These tend to be form based assessments that need completing with attached documentary evidence.  

  • Have you got the evidence available?  Is it good enough?
  • What's the best way to answer the questions?

Reviewing others compliance

On a regular basis you should be checking that the organisations that undertake services for you under contract are doing what they should.  Your organisations compliance could form the evidence that you need to provide to others, so you need to make sure it’s there

  • What questions should you be asking of in a contract review?
  • Is the answers and evidence that has been provided good enough?

What method do we use?

The Gydeline Method provides the structure behind our appraisals and reviews.  It ensures that we consider all the points that make organisations more attractive to customers, suppliers and partners.

Due diligence processes tend to be focused on Core through to the Systems on the Gydeline.  We collate and organise the key information and then present it back in the required format to ensure that both parties get what they need.


Our Due Diligence Support Services

Free Requirements Review

To get you started on the road to making and maintaining good contracts and ensuring your business is seen as attractive, we offer a free requirements assessment of your contract. Simply send us the contract under review or the assessment form you have been asked to complete and we will feedback on the document, checking that the basic content is present and summarising what evidence is required.

Provide us with the evidence you have received and we will provide a review of it’s good and bad points.

Provide us with the question you have been asked to answer and we’ll define the evidence we’d like to see and review it’s quality and completeness.

Due Diligence Support - Service request

To start, send us the contract, evidence or assessment document requiring review and we will  provide a summary report with clear actions on what you need to do next.  We will only use the information you provide below to answer your query, ask questions and return the requested report.

Documentation Audit Request
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