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Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service

Why choose Gydeline as your DPO?

Low cost

We can provide a Data Protection Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing someone. Our aim is to enable you to take on this role within your team.


We have analysed every single word of the GDPR for our software. We have implemented Data Protection processes and measures in many organisations under heavy scrutiny.


We will ensure that you do not have any conflicts of interest, as required by the regulation, by advising and guiding you in an unbiased and independent manner.


We know that you want to focus on running your business so we will make the actions that you need to take under the GDPR simple and easy to understand.

Do I need a DPO?

There are several instances where the GDPR says that you have to have a Data Protection Officer. These include:
  • Public Authorities
  • Those who process sensitive information, such as health data, political, religious, sexuality, etc
  • Where there is processing large volumes of information such as lots of people, extending nationally or internationally
  • If there is automated collection of data on a regular basis or use of collected information to automatically make decisions
The regulatory bodies (the Article 29 Working Party and the ICO) also recommend that it is best practice to have a DPO even if it is not specifically required by the GDPR.

What will the Gydeline DPO do for my organisation?

The Gydeline Data Protection Officer will oversee all the activities needed for your organisation needed to become compliant with the GDPR. This includes:
  • Assist in completion of the Gydeline GDPR assessment and resulting action identification
  • Provide ongoing advice and guidance on all Data Protection issues
  • Own the GDPR plan for your organisation
  • Train and mentor employees
  • Complete internal audit on systems and processes
  • Be the interface to the regulatory body (ICO)
  • Setup and run breach management
  • Assist with data requests from individuals
  • Establish the Data Protection Impact Assessment process
  • Monitor compliance with GDPR and other Data Protection regulations on an ongoing basis
  • Review and create key Data Protection documentation
  • Report compliance status on a monthly basis to the Board or equivalent
  • Review existing policy and process documentation

Gydeline would be delighted to be your DPO

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