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Are you stuck on the content, context, compliance and completeness of key documents? Our document audit and writing service can help.

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What is it?

At Gydeline we have many years experience reviewing and writing all forms of business documentation. We use the experience and collateral we have gained to quickly and cost effectively produce, high quality focused documentation for our customers.

What output can you expect?

Our audit service provides a detailed analysis of your existing documents and explains what is required to make them fit for purpose.

Our writing service takes this a stage further and we produce finished documents for you, ready for use.

What method do you use?

The Gydeline Method provides the structure behind our appraisals and reviews.  It ensures that we consider all the points that make organisations more attractive to customers, suppliers and partners. 

In order to ensure you receive a consistent, understandable output all our document reviews also use our 4 C’s method. This provides feedback based on 4 key areas:


Is it clear what the document is for, who it is aimed at and who owns it? Has the scope been defined and is there a process for updates and review?


Taking into account the size, type, nature and scope of the organisation, does the document contain all the elements that would be expected?


How clear and useful is the content? Is information presented in a clear, specific, concise and simple way to make it understandable to its audience? Is it of good quality?


Are all the legally required elements contained? Is the wording appropriate to cover these elements?

Sample outputs

Sample Document Audit Report
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Audit Report

Our audit report gives an overview of the document allowing you to quickly decide the best path to a quality document. Should minor tweaks be required you might wish to make these yourself. In the event of needing a major re-write perhaps our document writing service is the best way forwards.

The audit report is in addition to more detailed notes that accompany each document that is reviewed by Gydeline.

Policy Document

This example policy document demonstrates our simple, clean approach to documentation. By providing clear context, plain english language and concise policy statements we are able to provide policy documents that are not only easy to understand and use within your organisation but are also compliant.

Sample Policy Document
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Procedure Document Example
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Procedure Document

Like all our documentation this example procedure demonstrates the clarity that we strive for. Simple to follow, understandable context and plain english all of which mean the procedure is much more likely to be used in every situations.

Our Document Services

Free Appraisal

To get you started on the road to good business documentation and increase the attractiveness of your business we offer a free audit service. Simply send us up to 20 pages of any type of business documentation and we will send you detailed feedback on the document based on our 4C's method.

Review & report

Where you need to understand the quality and compliance of your documentation. We provide a detailed review of each page accompanied by an overview report

Writing & Rewriting

If you need any type of business document producing or if you want to improve the quality or compliance of existing documents

Custom services

Gydeline also offers bespoke document services to those customers who have higher volume, specialist or custom requirements.

Simply complete the form below and one of our documentation experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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