Do you just need a helping hand with compliance?

Do you lack the time, skills, energy or motivation to deal with regulations and compliance yourself? Do you even understand what you need to do or where to start?

Don’t worry, there are thousands of organisations just like you! 

Advisory Approach​

Do you need help in a specific area? Or perhaps a full support package?

We provide a range of advisory services which can be tailored to provide the support you need, all underpinned by our Gydeline Method and software dashboards so you can see exactly where your company is on its journey.

Our advisory services support your organisation in learning, adopting and embracing better ways of working and maintaining compliance in the long term.

We also know that you need to control costs, so we are very open about our pricing.


All our consulting engagements provide pre-defined outputs. You are then free to take these outputs and action them yourself or engage us or others to do so. As with everything Gydeline does, they are clear, simple and straightforwards.

Our Advisory Services

  • Compliance advice
  • Resources
  • Audit

Compliance Advice

Are you aware of the basic rules and regulations needed to run a business?  Do you know if you are complying with these requirements? 

Our compliance advice service supports businesses through the process of understanding where they are and creating a plan to put things right.

Understanding the steps you need to follow
List of compliances essential for business

What is it?

There are a large number of rules and regulations with which all organisations need to comply. These include finance, employment, health and safety, selling, data protection, etc etc

There are also industry specific regulations with which you may need to comply.

Our compliance advice service will assess your position again all these required rules and regulations and give you the knowledge and confidence to move forwards to a compliant position. Being able to promote a compliant position not only gives you reassurance but makes your business far more appealing to potential customers than your competition.

What output can you expect?

With 100’s of years experience in understanding and completing compliance, Gydeline helps you to prepare for and deliver compliant services and goods and to complete any documents, processes or evidence required. There are broadly three outputs that are provided:

Understand shortfalls

  • Which regulations apply to you
  • What further evidence or systems do you need

Prioritised actions

  • What is most important to YOUR business
  • Which actions present the most risk

Know where to go next

  • Who can guide you through your actions
  • Are there any other sources of information you need to be aware of

Our Approach

To provide you with the greatest flexibility in picking the help you need, we provide services tailored to your needs: 

Gyding Hand Starter Pack:

Because flexibility and choice can still be difficult to fathom, we have put together a basic package of services to just get you going. This is a fixed price with clear deliverables to get you on the road to compliance.


Usually half a day for each aspect of compliance, we provide a contact to answer your questions as you work through your own compliance plan. This would suit the organisation that has the capacity to handle the workload, but needs help understanding what is needed


This level of support generally starts at one day per aspect of compliance.  We would take a more involved role in the activity, providing training, advice and bolster your capacity. This provides for those that need more than pure advice with some hands-on resource.

Greater Depth:

With this type of support you get a skilled resource who can work with your team to do what is necessary to move you towards compliance. If your organisation is lacking the available resources to get through the workload, this is for you.

Let us be your Compliance Expert

We have the independence and expertise to simplify your compliance

Compliance Resources Service

Why choose Gydeline as your internal compliance resource?

Low cost

We can provide experienced compliance resources at a fraction of the cost of employing someone.


We have sanalysed over 200 regulations and standards and implemented policies and processes in organisations from every sector.


We will ensure that you do not have any conflicts of interest, advising and guiding you in an unbiased and independent manner.


We know that you want to focus on running your business so we will make the actions that you need to take simple and easy to understand.

What will the Gydeline compliance resource do for my organisation?

Our compliance experts will oversee all the activities needed for your organisation needed to become compliant with required rules and regulations. This includes:

  • Assist in completion of assessment and resulting action identification
  • Provide ongoing advice and guidance on all compliance issues
  • Own the compliance plan for your organisation
  • Train and mentor employees
  • Complete internal audit on systems and processes
  • Be the interface to the regulatory bodies
  • Setup and assist in running compliant processes
  • Assist with requests from individuals
  • Establish the Risk Assessment process
  • Monitor compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis
  • Review and create key compliance documentation
  • Report compliance status on a monthly basis to the Board or equivalent
  • Review existing policy and process documentation

What sorts of roles do you cover?

  • Internal audit
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Head of Compliance
  • Information Governance
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance administrator
  • Compliance monitoring officer
  • Director of Compliance
  • Head of Audit
  • Compliance Officer
  • Head of Risk
  • Compliance trainer
  • Compliance assistant

Audit Support

Are you starting to work with new supplier?  Has one of your partners requested detailed information on your compliance?  Has a regulator asked about your compliance position?

We support you through the process of proving you are meeting requirements and that contracts contain everything they need.

Understanding the steps you need to follow
Understand the steps you need to follow

What is it?

When you run an organisation, enter into a contract with a customer or another business, you are accepting a number of responsibilities that will be expected of you and that you expect in return.  Audit and due diligence are activities which check contracts, documents, processes, systems and policies to ensure that everyone is doing what they said they would and what is required by law.

It is becoming increasingly common for organisations to check compliance with their contracts.  You should be checking that organisations which provide you with services are fulfilling their side of the deal as their activities can directly affect your compliance and you can be held responsible.  

What output can you expect?

With 100’s of years experience in getting the best out of contracts and proving that you’re doing what you’ve promised to do, Gydeline helps you to prepare for and deliver audits and ‘due diligence’ checks on contracts and to complete any assessments requesting information.  There are broadly three occasions when audit or due diligence is undertaken and we can help with:

Letting a new contract

  • What would be good for you to know before signing that contract?
  • What regular checks should be included in contract reviews?

Responding to a review request

  • Have you got the evidence available?  Is it good enough?
  • What's the best way to answer the questions?

Reviewing others compliance

  • What questions should you be asking of in a contract review?
  • Is the answers and evidence that has been provided good enough?

Do you understand the business and compliance challenges that your organisation faces?

Talk to us about your compliance requirement:

Documentation Audit Request
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Welcome to the Dashboard

We've started to populate your Dashboard based on the questions you've answered so far

Depending on what information you’ve given us, we’ve made some estimates on your compliance and actions. 
Completing more assessments is the next step in reducing the actions you currently have.

Here’s a 4-minute video tour of the dashboard, if you fancy a watch