ICO GDPR awareness campaign is good news

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It’s been a long time coming, but with a little over two months until the GDPR becomes enforceable, it’s good to see that the Information Commissioners Office has finally taken action to raise awareness.

Aimed primarily at small and micro businesses, the ICO has released a series of images and a radio campaign called “Making data protection your business” to tell people about the GDPR, what it means and to whom it applies.






Also released at the same time is a video which describes some simple steps for organisations to get started with GDPR.

If you’ve been following Gydeline, you’ll have seen our range of alternative definitions for GDPR and the adverts from the ICO follow a very similar format. Let’s hope these strike a chord with the intended audience and that small business really starts to take data protection seriously.

For those that want to understand everything needed to become compliant, a low priced subscription to Gydeline will provide everything they need to know.

The Information Commissioners Office campaign homepage can be found here.

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