Guidance - Data Portability Requirements (GDPR)

Guidance on Data Portability now in Gydeline

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Hopefully you are aware that the GDPR (or UK Data Protection Bill) is not a static regulation. Several sets of guidance have been issued by the regulators and more are due to follow.

It is therefore very important that this guidance is read, understood and followed as it will provide clarity on whether or not your organisation is compliant to the regulation, as understood by those setting the rules.

Automatic Updates

Customers of Gydeline are in the fortunate position of receiving these updates automatically as part of their subscription. In the case of the Guidelines on Data Portability issued by the Article 29 Working Party (soon to be the European Data Protection Board) our customers do not need to read through the 20 pages of guidance. Instead they logon and will see any additional actions or assessment that is needed for their specific situation.


In the case of this guidance on portability, attention is needed by all organisations. It clarifies several positions on how data is to be provided including: additional consent from third parties and minimisation obligations on the part of receiving organisations.

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