Challenge: Change

The business, regulatory and standards landscape is constantly changing; new releases, guidance, best practice, case law. Keeping up with what applies to your organisation is a never-ending cycle. Do you identify with any of the following statements:

  • When I bring in temporary expertise it tends to leave when the project is over
  • I can't keep up with the reading; more updates every month
  • I read guidance and find it doesn't apply to me - what a waste of time
  • Required changes are so wordy and complex - I can't work out what's changed
  • I can't afford to put change ahead of my bottom line

Gydeline features that help

Control and Structure

By using the Gydeline Method and Gydeline Guardian you will avoid change for change sake. Each new or revised process or policy will make sense for your context and you will understand the underlying business drivers for making the change.

Simple Assessment

Gydeline uses a self assessment approach to understand your business. You are in charge of what's important and what to do next. Our software tells you what the priorities are within specific areas

Multiple Sources

We constantly add new information, regulations and standards and resource to our method which will allow you to stay in control of more and more of your business landscape over time.

Minimise Complexity

We pride ourselves in providing services which strip out as much of the complexity of running a business as possible. We present best practice, regulations and standards with their guidance in the simplest way we can. We also create and share free resources which allow you to focus on the essentials.

Automated Guidance

As formal guidance is released by regulatory and standards bodies, Gydeline is updated to analyse how it impacts your organisation. You may need to answer a few new questions and then you can see if your status has changed and what actions you need to take, if any.