Your Business Priority Report

Based on the information you have provided in the calculator, we can provide you with these insights into the priorities in your organisation.

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What you told us:

  • Money
  • People
  • Physical
  • Contacts
  • Information
  • Brand
  • IP

Money Keystone @ %

Brand Keystone @ %

Intellectual Keystone @ %

Contacts Keystone @ %

Information Keystone @ %

People Keystone @ %

Physical Keystone @ %

Oh dear… You seemed to have bypassed the priority calculator, and not being psychic, there can be no revelation revealed here within! 

Not quite right?

Does that sound like your organisation?  Perhaps you need to reconsider some of the scores.

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So what next?

Understanding your Priorities is one step to growing your business successfully. However, there is a little way to becoming as successful as you can be.

Firstly, looking at the Gydeline Method (right), are you clear on your Vision and Values and how they relate to your priorities?  It may be that reflecting on what drives you and the rules you live by may affect your prioritisation yet further.

Secondly, take some time to consider these questions about your highest priority keystones:

  • What laws and regulations govern this keystone?
  • Do any industry standards affect this keystone?
  • If you have a governing body, what is their steer?
  • Are there are techniques that can be used to improve this keystone?
  • Have you got all the needed skills, knowledge and expertise?
  • Who can help you to get the best from this keystone?

Finally, take some time to learn about the Keystones and the functions that every organisation has to consider at some point. Then speak to us and find out how we can help you grow, together.