1. General

Some of the information presented by Gydeline is complex. In order to make is simple we use clear, consistent design across a variety of charts, diagrams and drawings.

2. Charts & Diagrams

The message of any chart or diagram should be clear and obvious. Clean simple presentation of information is preferred.

3. Lines & Borders

Our preference is to not use lines and borders. When they are required they are in simple, muted brand colours and appropriate to the context.

4. Backgrounds

Backgrounds are sometimes useful to give a context or framework to a diagram. We have a variety of grids that are used as backgrounds.

5. User Avatars

6. Screenshots

Thin grey border (1px, solid, #CCCECF), 5px padding between border and image

7. Photography

The use of photography reflects the rest of the brand: clean and simple. Images that contain a single main subject and not too much distraction for the eye. 

Images often use a Gydeline colour wash and include the Gydeline logo in the footer.

Text is used on images to convey quotes or messages. Text is large and readable with a simple, precise message.

The use of alternative colours at the start of words gives extra emphasis to key acronyms.