Worst Way to Start A Business2 min read

Nero Zero

Founder and CEO of Zero’s Heroes

Personal Profile

Colour : Blue Grey
Artist : U2, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits
Phobia : Dumasaphobia – Having to converse with stupid people
Food : Chicken Quesadilla
Drink: Pint of Doombar

"51% of Zero’s Heroes against your restored DB5... It will be like taking candy from a baby" - Nero Zero, Zero's Heroes CEO

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"Zelda told me at lunch. It was all I could do to stop myself falling off my chair" - Nero Zero, Zero's Heroes CEO

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Nero is… Zelda’s father and Founder (Zero’s Heroes) – Zelda’s father. 60 Something, been running successful businesses for nearly 40 years.  Fit as a fiddle – he thinks. Doesn’t tolerate fools, but puts up with Zelda. Bets Jakob that he can’t make Zelda’s business a success. Conflicted, doesn’t want to see Zelda suffer but doesn’t want to lose to Jakob either.

Blue Sky Stinking

The Worst Way to Start a Business

You hate your boss, your tired of putting all the hours in and getting no recognition, you think you can do a better job! All good reasons for maybe a change in job but to start a business will take patience, learning and some good old hard work.  Owning your own business sounds fabulous but it is advisable to seek the right advice and tools to create some sound business planning. 

Zelda initially wants to take over her father’s business but get manipulated into starting up a new business. Goaded and, supposedly, encouraged by other staff members, even her father, Zelda finds herself sat in the local pub (her new office) deliberating the prospect of actually having to start a new business. 

In taking this journey with Zelda, Gydeline, along with ‘expert in field’ guest speakers, can offer advice and hints on the practicalities of setting up a new business and help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.