What HAS to be done to start a business?

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Montgomery "Monty" Grabbar

Sales Guru for Sydeline

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"sounds like a start - 1% of those and we'll have 1000 customers in no time" - Monty Grabbar, Sales

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Monty is… 50 something, Southerner, lives way beyond his means. Flies by seat of pants and easily offended. Makes rash decisions during negotiations to seal deals. Bit old school and doesn’t mind fracturing the odd law here and there

Blue Sky Stinking

What HAS to be done to start a business?

With a new business starting every minute in the UK, it must be easy. The actual registering of a business is fairly simple and, with good head, getting the basics underway is relatively easy.  However, depending on the industry, type of organisation, structure, market and many other variables, understanding the true magnitude of what is required is a constant battle.

So how do these thousands of organisational leaders know what to do?  Do they wing it hoping nothing goes wrong?  Do they dive in to the .gov.uk website and start reading the legislation? Or do they look for good sources of advice, guidance and direction.

Hopefully, the majority do the latter.  Zelda Zero didn’t though.  Winging it is her ‘innovation’.  Starting Sydeline, albeit under odd circumstances (see Episode 1), has already be a hair raising journey of discovery.  Now, with a team of interesting characters, Zelda helps Gydeline explain what has to be done to start and run an organisation that has the greatest chance of success.

You can learn from Sydeline by listening to the Blue Sky Stinking podcast.  With a new episode each week, Gydeline along with specialists in a range of topics seek to make improving your business an entertaining event.