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In playing the game of brand recognition their are pitfalls. You don't have to make these yourself to learn lessons, you can draw from the mistakes of others. But how do you get to hear about these branding blunders? Unless they were a public relations disaster it's likely that organisations would want to keep them quiet to avoid their blushes.

Michaela Buble

Marketing Guru for Sydeline

Personal Profile

Colour : Lilac darling
Artist :  Pink, Paloma Faith, Minnie Riperton.
Phobia :  Mysophobia, anything mucky or germy
Food : Anything that can be eaten with fingers
Drink: Cosmopolitans

"As I understand it, permanently until we satisfy them that we resolved the illegal activity". - Michaela Buble, Marketing

Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - EP10 Tweet

Michaela is… Permanently enthusiastic and full of beans. Super-committed. Stumbled into marketing by accident straight from an English degree in creative writing. Not named after Michael Buble! Nicknamed Bubbles by Zelda. 30 something, single and searching

Blue Sky Stinking

Learning from others - Branding Blunders

Having been brought in following a disaster with the company logo, Michaela is on the search for ways to market Sydeline. Never short of ideas, Michaela is using her large collection of Social networks  to bolster the brand.

Building a brand is no easy task.  To that end, some companies spend millions trying to get themselves recognised.  Having said that, start-ups and smaller businesses have to be switched onto the marketing ‘game’ to play in the same league.

However, in playing the game of brand recognition there are pitfalls.  Fortunately, you don’t have to make these yourself to learn lessons, you can draw from the mistakes of others.  But how do you get to hear about these branding blunders?  Unless they were a public relations disaster it’s likely that organisations don’t want you to know about them to avoid their blushes.  

Enter Sydeline, the spoof company from Blue Sky Stinking who provide all the lessons you need to learn.  Gydeline has created this approach to tell the stories which could cause embarrassment and even damage to a organisations brand.  So, now you can learn from the experts that are invited along to make comment on Sydeline’s story.  These lessons will save you time, money and difficult silences.

An invitation

Maybe you’re an expert in Marketing, PR, Graphics, Photography, Copywriting or anything else that contributed to a organisations brand. You probably have have a story from which everyone can learn a lesson.  So contact us and we can see if Sydeline has suffered something similar . Then you can tell us all about it in a future episode.

How Gydeline helps

We, at Gydeline, help organisations of all types and sizes to save money and time through better and simpler compliance.  We do this with software and services.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of dealing with this and other risks in your business we are always happy to offer some, no obligation assistance – just contact us.