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Katherine Kash

Accountant for Sydeline

Personal Profile

Colour: Purple
Artist : Sia, Abba
Phobia : Ailurophobia (fear of cats or being called one!)
Food : Chicken & Avocado Salad
Drink: Mojito

"So no Balance Sheet, Income Statement or CashFlow estimates!" - Katherine Kash, Accountant

Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - EP4 Tweet

"It's Katherine, just Katherine....Katherine" - Katherine Kash

Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - EP4 Tweet
Katherine is… Switched on, 40 something, very irritated when called Kat, Kit or Kitty (cat), semi-aware she’s in a podcast (hears the bed music), very aware of the Nominative determinism issue. Qualified accountant but not ambitious, likes working for Jakob so puts up with whatever he throws at her.

Real Advice

With an invaluable line up of guest speakers, Gydeline’s new business podcast, Blue Sky Stinking, offers listeners the chance to get simple advice from specialists in all walks of business life. 

Following each episode, Mike Saville and Russell Cosway will bring insight into the life of Sydeline. Then along with invited guests, will analyse what went wrong, what could have been done instead and points to the methods and resources available to listeners. Covering wide range of business topics, the show provides a humorous view of serious business.

There are so many laws, rules and regulations, opportunities and pitfalls, that leveraging someone else’s experience is the perfect way to avoid the ‘downside’ of going it alone.

More experienced and qualified people may be able to offer sound and important advice on certain situations. Often, they will share their own failures and bad times and you can draw on this experience to enhance your journey as an entrepreneur.

No question is too simple! When starting out in the world of business, there are going to be aspect of a business that you will simply not know about or have limited knowledge of. If you take any advice, be sure it is good advice. Don’t be embarrassed or believe it is in some way a failing. Not asking is route to failure in itself.

Gydeline, along with special guest speakers from all walks of business life, offers listeners the opportunity to gain some professional expert advice over the coming episodes.