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Blue Sky Stinking – Podcast Characters

So, there's a new podcast in town, with a spoof company called Sydeline. But who is Zelda, Jakob and Nero, find out about the characters from the first 6 episodes here.

New for 2019, Blue Sky Thinking looks at a spoof company, Sydeline and then, with guests and the Gydeline team, seeks to tackle setting up and running a business in a simple, entertaining way.

Sydeline, has a strange beginning in episode 1 where you start to meet some of the wonderful characters who will bring the company to life… or to its end! 

The first 6 episodes introduce 6 of these characters, but we put this video together so you can get a flavour of the kind of people they are.

Zelda Zero

Zelda Zero

Owner/Founder (Sydeline) – Self-impressed Visionary. 30 something, daughter of a well respected business man. Held an admin team leader role in fathers empire with very high regard for her own skills. Straight talking, naive, bright, capable but fires from the hip, ambitious. Uses Bob as a confidant but doesn’t get his sarcasm or that his also talks to her dad!  Wants to start the best business ever.


Employee (Zero’s Heroes) – Works closely with Nero Zero. Permanently sarcastic, easily misunderstood, provides no real advice. No-one knows Bobs surname, not even sure what he does in Zero’s Heroes. He thinks he is Nero’s right hand man, Zelda thinks he is one of her confidantes!

Nero Zero

Zelda’s father and Founder (Zero’s Heroes) – Zelda’s father. 60 Something, been running successful businesses for nearly 40 years.Fit as a fiddle – he thinks. Doesn’t tolerate fools, but puts up with Zelda. Bets Jakob that he can’t make Zelda’s business a success. Conflicted, doesn’t want to see Zelda suffer but doesn’t want to lose to Jakob either.

Jakob Oakstock

Investor/Founder (Sydeline) – 40 something, rich (inherited). Very busy, switched on but disengaged, feared for no good reason. Invested in Sydeline as a bet made with Nero Zero. Will do anything to win. Seriously fancies Zelda – she is oblivious to his desires. Nero knows

Katherine Kash

Finance (Sydeline) – Switched on, 40 something, very irritated when called Kat, Kit or Kitty (cat), semi-aware she’s in a podcast (hears the bed music), very aware of the Nominative determinism issue. Qualified accountant but not ambitious, likes working for Jakob so puts up with whatever he throws at her.


And how could we leave out Nero’s, rather saucy, wife and Zelda’s mother.  Oblivious to the shenanigans at Zero’s Heroes and Sydeline, Mum is happy spending time enjoying the fruits of Nero’s labour… with Carlos, the live in chef and life-coach!

Mum from Blue Sky Stinking Podcast

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