Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - Season 1

From the formation of a new company through getting first products to market, Sydeline features in a new business focused podcast. 

Mike and Russell from Gydeline review each glimpse into the Sydeline world and, with other specialists, look at learning from bad examples.

Blue Sky Stinking
What’s the worst way to start a business? A challenge, a bet, out of irritation? Zelda gets cheesed off with the way her dad runs Zeros Heros and receives bad advice from Bob and some unexpected help from Jakob
  • Podcast Introduction
  • Why start a business
  • Taking good advice
  • Mentoring & coaching

Diving into starting the business by starting in partial competition with her father. Zelda strikes up a working relationship with Jakob, but what’s deal?

  • Start up preparation
  • Skills needed
  • Tools needed
  • Naming your company

Having selected and shared her new company name, an overlap with another business forces Zelda to make some changes.  Some of the practicalities of set up a new venture starts to emerge.

  • Strategic planning
  • Innovation in business style
  • Working whilst Starting up a business
  • Registrations

S1E4. Money, Money, Money

Investor Jakob wants to help, and has the money… but what will he get in return? Then there is the financial planning – who are you going to call? And, how much for premises!?

  • Company registration
  • Equity & shares
  • Business types
  • Financial planning

Some business confidential information is leaked from the company. How, who, and what is the impact?

  • Confidentiality & privacy
  • Competition analysis
  • Family & business
  • Setting Ground rules
Blue Sky Stinking Episode 6
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S1E6. I Have A Dream

Getting into the premises is proving… expensive and difficult. Some bad decisions has Jakob bailing out Zelda again
  • Do's and don'ts of premises
  • Safety
  • Planning for IT
  • Comfort and quirkiness

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S1E7. One of Us

It’s time to recruit – easy huh!  Just hire a friend’s son you met in the pub.  No right to work checks, no robust selection, no chance anything could go wrong!

  • Good and bad interviews
  • Modern employment practices
  • Role profiles and documentation
  • Hiring friends

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S1E8. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

A letter from a lawyer has tempers frayed.  Is Nero playing a fast one on the new company?

  • The Intellectual Property (IP) Landscape
  • Mitigating the IP risk
  • Documentation vs agreement vs attestation
  • Keeping good records of conversations

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S1E9. Super Trouper

Ok, so the logo needs a redesign and registering because it matches someone else.  The website has 4 fonts on each page, not consistent style and appalling icons.  Never mind, that never bothers anyone?!
  • What is Brand?
  • Where does reputation fit in?
  • What should drive Brand design
  • Consistency and Continuity

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S1E10. Waterloo

Once the friends, family and favours have dried up, what’s next?  What about when things go wrong and customers need support?  Who are they? How can you contact them? Let’s try some old-school mailshots…
  • Getting good leads
  • Data Protection considerations
  • Social media rights and wrongs
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing

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S1E11. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

The mailshot has produced some unexpected interest that takes a toll on Sydeline.

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
  • Role of IT in Data Protection
  • Actions to take when things go wrong
  • Taking good advice

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S1E12. Take A Chance On Me

The matter of understanding risk in the business raise the temperature and Jakob makes a key decision on his continued investment.

  • Risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • Threat vectors and vulnerabilities
  • Making & tracking decisions

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