Our Purpose

We make business simple
So that organisations can be more successful
Our solutions provide organisations of any size with the tools, information and confidence they need to understand, automate and remain compliant with standards, regulations and best practice in an ever changing world.

Simpler Compliance This Way

Our People

Gydeline Director Mike Saville

Mike Saville


Mike has led and designed multi-billion pound global outsourced solutions for some of the most high profile companies in the world. He has experienced the best and worse that compliance has to offer and wants to make it very much simpler for others.

Company Director Russell Cosway

Russell Cosway


Having worked within the highly regulated UK public sector Russell is no stranger to stringent compliance regimes. His expertise in frameworks such as ITIL, SFIA and others, gives him insight into the many common aspects of regulations and standards.

Director John Scott

John Scott


With a long background in the highly regulated telecoms industry, John has spent many years delivering and maintaining services to health, central and local government and has a wealth of experience of performing whilst operating under multiple layers of compliance.

Brian Marting Finance Specialist

Brian Martin


After 37 years working for BT, Brian brings a wealth of projects and process experiences to the Gydeline team. He keeps the team grounded, asking those questions our customers will ask… if he’s not sailing of course.

Developer Simon Saville

Simon Saville


Chief Trumpet Holder, jack of all trades and master of any he finds the manual for, Simon wrangles our internal systems which includes swearing at them.

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This could be you!

Various roles

We are always on the look out for people with the aptitude and attitude that will fit in and contribute to our success… is that you? Skills and experience in compliance are desirable, but can be developed in post – have a look at our jobs page.


Gydeline is a unique place to work thanks to our Contribution Aligned Rewards Environment (CARE). We value contribution rather than hours, employ only the best and ensure everyone is well compensated for the value they provide.

We are always on the look out for great people – if you are interested in joining an innovative, flexible and rewarding team, please contact us and we will be in touch.

If your dream job isn’t listed, apply anyway and tell us why you’d be perfect. If you’re the right fit, we’ll work together to create a position of value to us both.

Interested in working for a high growth, adventurous, vibrant company?

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A different approach to the working Experience

The Contribution Aligned Reward Environment (CARE) is an innovative approach to work which both inspires and supports people in earning a decent living in the way that suits them best. Central to this approach are the concepts of your ‘commitment’, ‘contribution’ and ‘reward’.

Our 12 Employee Experience Statements

Every contribution (think task or activity) is given a value to the business and everyone is involved in scoring the contribution points of effort required to complete it.

There are no set hours or days. Admittedly, contributions may require scheduling to be completed, but aside from achievable deadlines and having to work as a team, you’re free to deliver them however you wish.

As long as the value to which you’ve committed yourself is done, your time is yours to manage.

There are offices which you may use which we will make as appealing as possible, but you go there if you want to, not because we say so. Enjoy working wherever you want.

We enable all staff to be able to work in any reasonable location. If you can deliver your contributions compliantly, we don’t mind where or when you do it.

Instead of hours, you are given a target of contribution points to fulfil over a period of time according to the level of commitment you are prepared to make to the company. If your circumstances change, we can flex your commitment level, even for a short period. Your commitment level is applied to your base salary.

Because we’re focused on getting the work done, being seen is not important. 10am is not a late start, 3pm is not going early.

We will work to ensure you have enough work to keep you engaged and busy but not so much that you feel swamped. No-one should feel bad if they’ve fulfilled their expected contribution and, even if they haven’t, open and honest communication will ensure all know what’s going on if someone is not around.

We get everyone to input on what they think is involved in an activity and what it should take to complete it. A contribution value is placed on work and all agree with it. If, once started, the activity is significantly different from what was expected, it can be reassessed to ensure we all know what it’s going to take to get it done.

Along with a good salary and basic pension we will provide a developing range of benefits to make working with us rewarding in more ways than just financial. These include insurances, training, recognition and opportunities to reveal your true potential.

Nothing worse than sitting in a meeting from which you get nothing – so don’t. Unless you see the benefit in attending a meeting or event then get on with something that has more value.

With great flexibility comes great responsibility. Once we jointly agree what you are doing and why, you are in control of how, when and where you make your contribution and accountable for the commitment you have made to the company.

Our Values

Gydeline's Simple Value
  • We communicate clearly, concisely and openly
  • We avoid assumptions
  • We seek simplicity out of complexity
Gydeline's Better Value
  • We are high quality and delight our customers
  • We challenge the norm
  • Space to think is actively encouraged
Gydeline's Happier Value
  • Our services make a difference to our customers
  • We are positive and show appreciation
  • We focus on contributions in a fun environment
Gydeline's Together Value
  • We believe in growth for all
  • There are no 'customers', 'partners' or 'employees' - Just US
  • We share, listen and respect