Month: March 2019

You can't be award a degree in common sense, but everyone should have a degree of it

Worried about recruiting people with a degree? Get an ear for the right degree in your next interview, listen to Blue Sky Stinking

Reading Time: 2 mins Qualifications are one aspect of finding the right people for your organisation and the right individual to fit in with your ethics, style and culture. But what else should you be looking for? How can you prepare to make your recruitment process as good as possible?

Blue Sky Stinking Episode 7

BSS7 – One of Us

Reading Time: 27 mins Every growing organisation needs to recruit at some point. To many, this is a foreign experience with pitfalls and dangers, some of which do not raise their head until long after the interviews are over. Recruitment Consultant Oliver Watson and Employment Solicitor Donna Negus join Russell to discuss some of the issues in recruitment and offer some sound advice to those who are considering adding more people to their business.