Month: January 2019

RESPECT is good for business

Stuff Compliance! Let’s show RESPECT

‘Compliance’ is not a pleasant word It has been a long time irritation that my profession of choice has very few usable synonyms.  Compliance is not a pleasant word, really.  It can be seen as conformity, acquiescence, docility, obedience, resignation and submissiveness.  None of these adequately represent what compliance means in modern business. In general, compliance means abiding by a rule, …

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Brand Keystone with elements

The Brand Keystone

Brand can mean many different things and be viewed diversely.  Do you give your brand and reputation the appropriate attention?  What elements does the Brand Keystone include? We are all Brand aware.  McDonalds, John Lewis, Aldi, HM Government, Harrods.  All these carry a picture in our heads and a perception which will vary wildly from …

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