Month: March 2018

ICO GDPR awareness campaign is good news

Reading Time: 2 mins It’s been a long time coming, but with a little over two months until the GDPR becomes enforceable, it’s good to see that the Information Commissioners Office has finally taken action to raise awareness. Aimed primarily at small and micro businesses, the ICO has released a series of images and a radio campaign called “Making …

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Our GDPR Journey #3 – Data Mapping

Reading Time: < 1 min In this video we examine more closely that activity required to perform a simple data mapping exercise. The steps outlined here will be the same for organisations of most sizes, with possible differences in the number of systems and processes and depth of detail. A data map isn’t required by the GDPR but it will …

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Guidance - Data Portability Requirements (GDPR)

Guidance on Data Portability now in Gydeline

Reading Time: < 1 min Hopefully you are aware that the GDPR (or UK Data Protection Bill) is not a static regulation. Several sets of guidance have been issued by the regulators and more are due to follow. It is therefore very important that this guidance is read, understood and followed as it will provide clarity on whether or not your …

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Data Access vs Data Portability

Reading Time: < 1 min Context: In order to further promote transparency and clarity the information which individuals can receive should be clearly explained. The Article 29 Working Party (European Data Protection Board) recommends in particular that the difference between the types of data that an individual can receive using the portability right or the access right be explained.

Blue Sky Stinking has Launched

How can you avoid the blunders of others? Listen to Blue Sky Stinking podcast today for help

Reading Time: 2 mins In playing the game of brand recognition their are pitfalls. You don’t have to make these yourself to learn lessons, you can draw from the mistakes of others. But how do you get to hear about these branding blunders? Unless they were a public relations disaster it’s likely that organisations would want to keep them quiet to avoid their blushes.