Month: February 2018

Compliance should be an Olympic Event

With the Winter Olympics in full swing I’ve been watching people doing ridiculous feats and speeds on ice and snow; it can all appear to be very risky.  There have been a number of injuries but nothing serious, but the worst accidents tend to be during practice for the competitions.  For example, Shaun White, the winner of the Men’s Halfpipe, fell in New Zealand …

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The Invisible Enemy – Profiling

In robotic evolution terms we’ve still not reached the heights of K-9 in the Doctor Who series.  It’s been over 40 years since the mechanised mutt appeared alongside Tom Baker in the Episode The Invisible Enemy (1977).  Since then, the world has still changed dramatically, especially in how we use data. In an article by Hugo Rifkind, published in …

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Marketing Minefields – should you cross them?

Without doubt, marketing your product or service in the current business world is a minefield. There are those that bombard their targets with ‘war-dialed’ automated telephone calls, unsolicited emails and even postal junk mail. Others buy lists from reputable sources and undertake a more personable and friendly approach. Yet others still, try to draw information from their …

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