Month: November 2017

Compliance with regulations needs regular attention to ensure you're still legal

Are you running on ‘worn tyres’ of compliance?

Reading Time: 3 mins If you drive, when is the last time you checked the tyres on your vehicle?  Do you know the rules that are applicable and a do you know how to check that you’re operating within the rules?  You may not have your own vehicle, but do you travel in one – how is its tyres?  …

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The wind doesn't have to drive your direction

Adjusting your sails to the winds of change

Reading Time: 2 mins It’s no secret, humans have no influence of the powers of nature.  How many times have we watched as extremes of wind and water devastate a region.  However, when severe weather is not taking its toll, it’s very possible for us to utilise these natural forces to assist in our lives.  Both water and wind …

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Personal-Data-holics Anonymous – the 12 steps

Reading Time: 2 mins There are so many flights of steps* to GDPR compliance being publicised currently, all with valid guidance, but missing that little something – history.  However, there have been 12 tried and tested steps in circulation for around 70 years, and with some modification, the Alcoholics Anonymous approach has some surprisingly appropriate parallels.  So without any …

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Giving Disappointingly Poor Recruitment (GDPR)

Giving Disappointingly Poor Recruitment

Reading Time: 2 mins Unemployment rates are at their lowest they’ve been since 1975 at 4.3%. This, however, is not reflected in the unemployment figures of 18-25 year olds which currently stands at 11.8%#. There are no specific figures that cover those under 18 years of age and it should not be overlooked that the hunt for employment starts …

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Not all things that say they are free come at not cost

When is Free Not Free?

Reading Time: 2 mins Free it says! We click. hold our breath with anticipation. What wonders await? Boundless possibilities! We arrive on a website, scroll. Then our hopes are dashed, like so many childhood dreams. In order to get the free thing we have to pay, only not with money but with our personal information.

Sherbot Holmes and the Game of Security

Reading Time: 2 mins Not many people will know this about me (Dr Botson being the exception), but I occasionally like to dabble in the odd computer game – those escape room ones are a particular favourite! I was concerned to hear that some of my personal details might have been exposed by a major games retailer earlier this …

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Compliance equals Gravity times Data to the power of Processes divided by Resistance to change cubed

The Equation of Compliance

Reading Time: < 1 min Can there be an equation for compliance? As in mathematical formulas, there is a balance in compliance that needs to be resolved.  Every organisation needs to understand what is required of them; what regulations and standards are applicable (Gravity) and understand what are the affected assets (Data in this case).  Then, how do they meet …

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